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about us

We know where to look for programmers. We are also programmers. We know how to communicate with programmers. We've been building relationships with programmers in our regions for 12 years. However, we have also been working mainly for the demanding German and Austrian market for 12 years.

We cultivate individual responsibility in all members of our teams and are then as reliable as possible. We also promote versatility, so that we are easily replaceable by each other. We also develop strong communication. Our offices are located in Most, České Budějovice and Hradec Králové. That's where local developers are gathered. We select like-minded ones.

contact us
Vladimír Hotový, CEO
Vladimír Hotový CEO
Honza Rieger, Project manager
Honza Rieger Project manager
Ivan Kratochvíl, Fullstack developer
Ivan Kratochvíl Fullstack developer
Pavel Šeps, Fullstack developer
Pavel Šeps Fullstack developer
Lukáš Váňa, Senior PHP developer
Lukáš Váňa Senior PHP developer
Jakub Nemček, PHP developer
Jakub Nemček PHP developer
Jan Mikovec, Fullstack developer
Jan Mikovec Fullstack developer
Kate Julie Jarischová, QA tester
Kate Julie Jarischová QA tester
Ondra Cháb, Fullstack developer
Ondra Cháb Fullstack developer
Adam "Eda" Holan, Fullstack developer
Adam "Eda" Holan Fullstack developer
Michal Konečný, Frontend developer
Michal Konečný Frontend developer
Barča Mikovcová, QA tester
Barča Mikovcová QA tester
Lukáš "Lux" Verner, PHP developer
Lukáš "Lux" Verner PHP developer
Jan Bláha, Team leader
Jan Bláha Team leader
Ondra Štěpán, Fullstack developer
Ondra Štěpán Fullstack developer
Štěpán Štricz, Frontend developer
Štěpán Štricz Frontend developer
Jan Chvojan, Fullstack developer
Jan Chvojan Fullstack developer