Development team as a service

a developer,
just one
or a whole team

The team of developers will be all yours. We will manage and develop it for you. All we ask is a fair fee for organization and top-notch facilities. You will see all direct costs in a completely transparent way. You've never experienced anything like this before, but for us it's standard. You won't have any worries with the team, yet you will be in full control of the development.

We run external teams of developers

You'll save the hassle of recruiting developers and the entire HR agenda.

You'll also save time on project management, team organization, and providing facilities for development work. We know how to manage developers and where to find them. You don't need to know that, yet you can have your own development team.

Tech Lead,

Robert Matthees Tech Lead,

I really enjoy working with Websta. Quick communication and cool project management.

500+ projects

New and ongoing projects

We'll start a brand-new project or take over a running one. Can we work as a subcontractor? Sure, we can. Are we a good partner for a start-up? The best one!

Web-based development

We code using web technologies, design business logic, processes and UX. We also design the necessary infrastructure and provide it with our third-party partners.

TaaS makes a difference

Your team works without any downtime. Using the Team as a Service model frees your hands. Get full focus on your core business and leave the development to us.

12 years on the German market

We open up our accounting to you

You will experience a different approach than with custom software development.

You will know the costs associated with each team member. After all, it will be your team. You will know the cost of the technical resources acquired for your team or your project. We will ask you for a fair fee for our service, nothing more.

We will pass on all the benefits to you

You will get the full profit from the software your team develops.

The team we set up for you cannot be more expensive than the same team you would run yourself. We know how to manage programmers and where to find them. So, the whole thing will be far more profitable for you than a custom development model.

We will be improving your software continuously

Stop worrying about your software being outpaced by competitors or acquiring technology debt.

Your team will be working all the time. Depending on the complexity of the tasks, the team can grow or shrink. But you'll never have to wait for them to complete tasks for other customers, as you do in a custom development model.

We want to show you our capabilities

You get a team full of independent, responsible and competent developers.

You'll also get managers to lead the team. You set the vision and goals for the project. The team will be tasked with finding a solution and implementing it. A team of developers as a service is not body-shopping; it brings extra facilities, networking within the team and long-term know-how.

What is Team as a Service

A team of developers as a service is not just the delivery of a group of agency programmers to your company. A service is the formation and development of a team for a client that functions as a real team with all the anticipated synergies. The team usually works in a dislocated manner.

Managing individual projects is also a service. The client specifies the objectives and receives a solution architecture design and specific software from the team. The client can influence the composition of the team and other matters. However, they do not have to deal with the routine operations.

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