Development team as a service

Pickawood combines innovative design tools and cutting-edge production techniques to ensure each exclusive furniture piece is individual to the customer. And Websta is part of this success story!

Team as a service

3D configurator and online platform development requires a team of several experienced developers, software architects, project managers and testers. Such team run internally in Germany may come with a hefty price tag.

Nearshore development - Websta is running the team in the Czech Republic. This allows for keeping the necessary quality, while cutting costs at the same time.

Client's business is growing and it is necessary to scale up. Finding the right people to strenghten the existing team might prove challenging for HR.

Websta takes care of scaling the team, making sure everything is just right on technical and psychological level. Thanks to our sophisticated HR process it is possible to increase delivery rapidly, leaving the client free to focus on the core of their business.

12.000.000 € revenue

250.000 delivered products

Online Shop and Order Management

Effortless ordering and manufacturing did the trick for selling a quarter of a million products so far. How come?

3D Configurator

Customers appreciate good visual feedback, when configuring a product. Start on desktop or mobile, then hop into AR to check if your new wardrobe will match the carpet!

Integration with Production

Our app generates a digital description of the furniture that production machines understand. This brings higher quality, fewer errors and above all happy customers.
Tech Lead,
Robert Matthees Tech Lead,

I really enjoy working with Websta. Quick communication and cool project management.

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